As an employer, inter alia, you are responsible for the financial well being of your employees. It is you who makes the financial decisions that will affect the future of every member of your staff.

But it is crucial to remember that this will in turn, affect your bottom line too, so it’s vital that you receive the right advice. Heritage offers a full spectrum service to corporate organisations. Our divisions work individually or together to ensure that your organisation and employees make sound financial decisions.

In addition you are also responsible for your employees making the right financial decisions to give them peace of mind.

There’s a tendency among financial advisors to choose (for themselves) a preferred provider or set of providers and then to argue that these providers are the best solution for your company and your employees. Heritage Financial Consultants is an independent Employee Benefits Consultancy and we steadfastly protect this independence fiercely.

  • We provide customised and personalised services to individuals and corporates. When it comes to Employee Benefits Solutions, Heritage prides itself on being both professional and personal.Heritage consults to corporate clients on Health Care and Retirement Fund structures. Our clients include small, medium and large organisations.
  • Heritage has a staff compliment that collectively boasts years of industry–specific knowledge, experience and expertise. This industry experience coupled with continuous internal training and a hands–on approach makes the team service driven.
  • Heritage has a solid foundation in retirement funds the investment management industry and we are well therefore positioned to provide a service of the highest quality.


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