Planning Philosophy

It all starts with a plan.
One of the most obvious truths about investing is that one needs to decide on a strategy and then stick to it. Whatever actions one takes today will shape the lifestyle you lead in the future.

Heritage Financial Consultants will assist you through this process – from where you are now, to where you want to be – in order to create a vibrant living financial plan. A living financial plan will allow you to make the right financial choices in order to achieve your investment objectives over time.

As independent financial planners, we can help you devise a plan based on sound financial principles and those directed towards your own lifestyle goals. This differs from many “one size fits all” approaches because it works with your current situation, your needs and aspirations. Many investors believe that a bit of planning and patience is enough to secure their chosen lifestyle. Yet more and more investors find that by the time they reach retirement, all their planning comes to nought.

Clever planning needs to be based on a sound intellectual framework that forms part of a systematic process. This framework forms the basis of a living plan which reflects the dynamic events and goals relevant to you. Because it is built around you, this living plan can factor in all those unexpected events that may occur. Changing careers, divorce, death of a loved one are all traumatic and a sound investment plan must be able to take account of these without losing sight of long-term goals.

As your financial planner, we can help you build an investment plan that has clear, achievable goals, that can respond to whatever happens not only in the economy, but in your life.

Financial Planning for your Lifestyle

Heritage Financial Consultants has a lifestyle financial planning process that is a smarter way to financial planning and helps you achieve your long-term goals reliably. Lifestyle financial planning starts and ends with you and your desired lifestyle:

It starts with you determining your lifestyle goals.

You then calculate what return you need from your savings to fund your desired lifestyle. (Your rate of return is dependent on how grand or modest your preferred lifestyle is). The return you need will determine how and where we need to invest your money. How and where you need to invest your money will expose you to a variety of risks.

If you are not comfortable with the risks, we, as your financial planner, will help you find an acceptable compromise between your desired lifestyle and an investment strategy that allows you to sleep easy. This trade-off analysis is a continuous process that requires a close, on-going working relationship between you and Heritage.

LIFESTYLE financial planning versus TRADITIONAL financial planning.

The traditional approach to financial planning begins with assessing risk. This determines the mix of assets you need, which in turn determines the potential return you can achieve. Finally, the return dictates your lifestyle.

Heritage’s lifestyle financial planning links your investment strategy to your particular lifestyle goals, not a risk profile. After all, why should two investors with the same assets and risk profiles, but totally different objectives, be given the same investment strategy?

At Heritage Financial Consultants, we take full responsibility for the implementation of your living financial plan and investment strategy. In conjunction with Heritage, Acsis’s unique inflation plus approach is designed to help you achieve lasting financial well-being and ensuring that your investment needs are met.

Heritage uses a full range of investment vehicles dealing with inflation plus investment strategies. These vehicles are for the exclusive use and benefit of our clients, such as Acsis research and it’s management team.

As well as fund managers who are fundamental to Acsis’s investment management process, Acsis research also receives input from various experienced global investment teams, as well as from an extensive network of research sources, both academic and practising, from around the world.

In a nutshell:

One – Set Goals

Heritage Financial Consultants meet with you to understand your lifestyle and financial goals.

Two – Planning

We develop a financial plan and investment strategy tailored to meet your specific lifestyle and financial needs.

Three – Implementing

We implement your investment strategy through a range of investment vehicles using a combination of the world’s leading specialist fund managers, ensuring that your goals are achieved reliably over time.

Four – Monitoring your goals

We continuously monitor your investment strategy, and at the same time we review your financial plan in light of your chosen lifestyle, financial objectives and your changing circumstances. Your financial plan is then adjusted as and when necessary.