The Sygnia RoboAdvisor available through Heritage Financial Consultants

Plan your future on your coffee break in 6 easy steps

  1. Tell us about yourself
    In order to design your investment strategy, Sygnia RoboAdvisor will ask you questions about your personal circumstances, risk preference and savings objectives. Rest assured, Sygnia and Heritage do not share this information with anyone.
  2. See your future
    Sygnia RoboAdvisor uses your information to show you your expected financial future if you continue on your current path, without making any changes to your investment or savings approach.
  3. Take control
    Adjust your strategy and savings goals, using Sygnia RoboAdvisor’s unique suite of controls, until you have designed the right financial path for yourself. Sygnia RoboAdvisor will do the rest.
  4. We design your strategy
    Sygnia RoboAdvisor builds a fully diversified investment portfolio uniquely suited to your needs. This will comply with all the legal requirements relevant to the savings product you have selected.
  5. Open an account
    Simply fill out the application form online and Sygnia RoboAdvisor will send you your financial plan and discretionary client mandate. You will have the option to sign the documents electronically using eSign Services, which includes a facility to securely upload any supporting FICA and business documents, or if you wish, to print, sign and return all of the documentation using email, post or fax.
  6. Relax
    Sygnia’s investment team will manage your investments and rebalance these on a regular basis, keeping you informed through regular reporting. You can also check in anytime to see how your investments are doing, via Sygnia’s internet portal – Alchemy – which will be set up for you when you open your account. Sygnia RoboAdvisor also reminds you once a year, to review your investment strategy, to ensure it remains suited to your circumstances.


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