Short Term Insurance

HERITAGE GROUP has a Short Term Insurance division

This division is managed by a team of highly experienced Short Term Insurance personnel.

All aspects of Short Term Insurance are first brokered with all companies to get the most favourable terms and conditions at competitive premiums. Competitive premium rates are obtained and presented to clients, without reducing the cover.

Once discussed between our Account Executives and clients and accepted, the insurance is placed by HERITAGE GROUP with a leading and specialised insurance company and/or underwriter.

We see that the policies have all benefits, additional clauses and insurance covers that are available in the insurance market. This comprehensive cover affords clients complete peace of mind, whilst insuring their assets and liabilities, through HERITAGE GROUP.

Claims are treated as urgent matters and are managed by this division. HERITAGE GROUP has facilities to finalise claims and reimburse clients immediately.

Our executives, specialise in DOMESTIC/PERSONAL insurances, as well as specialising in the full range of COMMERCIAL/CORPORATE insurance needs.